Anime Expo 2010

One day. One day was all that took to make our dreams come true for Azure Lorica. After months of plans and events, Anime Expo confirmed our spot in Panel LP 2, noon, July 1st, 2010. And let me just say, “IT WAS AWESOME!”

The moment we came in, I was blown away at the size of the room. The panel had about 500 seats for our audience. Ahead of us in schedule were professional Japanese DJs, and following after us was none other than Mr. Nabeshi- the Producer of Excel Saga! So you can imagine how much pressure I felt coming in to our designated appointment. I was just happy that the tech crew was chill. They made me feel confident about it all.

To back track, I must say that my entire team was in a roller coaster of emotions, when we saw AX’s Twitter post about the deadline for panel sign ups. We had to discuss what we would do for something as big as Anime Expo, as our Theater group had never done a panel before. It took us weeks to agree on one topic, hopping form idea to ideas, like “making professional costumes” to “preparing Tea”- everything that we, as a team, knew how to do regularly. It took us a while to connect everything into one topic, and even more dramatic, the plans we made before the day of AX! It just came to us naturally when we stopped thinking about it, and it came to us like magic!

The team met up on the thursday of AX, and we all began putting things together. Details were organized, and the presentation was simplified. And once we were setup on stage, what was suppose to take 50 minutes, took only 20 minutes, including Questions and Answers, with personal reviews over our props, items, and assets afterwards. We had so much time to kill, we began making plans to go out for lunch with our acquaintances; and what we once believed to be a dream became our next step to continue our repertoire!

People had so much to ask about planning events, and what they should anticipate that it was more enjoyable to discuss details and potential ideas for others than shining above the crowd. There were members of the audience that were very shy to ask during the QandA, and a session closer for conversation made a world of difference for them to pursue their inquiries, such as profit margins and internships. Dreams seemed to sprout from our audience at the end of our panel that day.

We were happy to have all of you come. I felt much better knowing that people actually got things out of this, and all of us in the Azure Lorica company agree that without your attendence to this panel, our day wouldn’t have rocked as much as it did.

We thank the AX crew for being so helpful, and giving us the opportunity to prepare ourselves on schedule. They were an encouragement to us on stage.

So Arigatoo Mina-san! Thank you so very much for coming! You were an inspiration to us! Thank you joining us for “How to Host your own Themed Event”!


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