Azure Lorica at Anime Expo

There’s a first time for everything, and Azure Lorica dove right into the challenge! We had hosted our first panel at the notorious Anime Expo! The team had spoken in the largest Anime Convention in North America in the grand Los Angeles Convention Center.

The team has all at one point been a fan and a participant of the con, it was this central interest that brought us together.  All of us had the passion of cosplaying, costumed play, and Anime Expo was that place where we could share it with others of the same interest.  Eventually wonder of stretching the imaginations horizons manifested into the Art and Productions that Azure Lorica Produces.

Being that we’re a new Theatre Company, we were so honored to be asked to propose a panel for the con, as it was rooted in our company history so deeply. It opened up another opportunity for the team to do what we aim for, to spread community awareness.

We had shared our knowledge to the community on ‘How to Host Your Own Themed Event,’ and we had decided to split the topic into small scale (personal parties), and large scale (helping out an organization as a fundraiser or awareness event to the public). Our goal was to bring the information that we had gained through experience and bring it to Anime Clubs, Cosplayers, or people looking out for a good time; and make events that could better community involvement.

The results were incredible! We were escorted into the 700 seater room and we grew anxious. After our 15 minute lecture we invited the crowd to the front to ask questions. We appreciated feedback from both local and out-of-staters and gleam with pride that  we were able to help them in a step towards their dreams and goals from all walks of life.

On a leaving note I must say that there’s nothing more satisfying than reaching out to fellow dreamers. Who knows? I might of just met the next future Azure Lorica team, or the Creator of the next Anime Expo. Thank you all who participated, See you next year!

written by, Stefanie Warner


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