Welcome our New PR Officer!

Azure Lorica is currently transferring its blog posts from the past four months, as we return using WordPress as our public blog:

Sun Jan 30, 2011 @ 04:07PM

On our last meeting, Azure Lorica had a wonderful introduction to it’s annual meeting — opportunities were proposed, and the facts were set. And the best thing of all, the reorganization of this year’s strategies gave this Corporation a confident boost, by introducing its new Officers.


To begin, we had CSULA, Political Science Major, Paul Baldemoro join our company as our Press Relations Officer. He has shown impressive charisma in the past, and during his speech, his skills proved to us that we were gaining a great asset to our mission as a community service.

The Company Triskel was given to Paul Baldemoro at 1:17 PM, January 26, 2011.

As the previous Secretary, June Del Rosario stepped down from his official position, taking the role of Treasurer, in exchange that Eugene Docena take the role of Secretary — providing evidence of their skills and experience over last year’s workmanship improved with different shoes.

As a Theatre Company, Azure Lorica will be handling better communications with its new Officers. This year, we hope to give improved services to the community, as Charity/Educational entity, in Performing Arts.


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