Changes for the New Year

Azure Lorica is currently transferring its blog posts from the past four months, as we return using WordPress as our public blog:

Fri Dec 10, 2010 @ 03:41PM

Azure Lorica has gone into hibernation through the Fall Season, and have yet given our public a reason to return. One Play in Spring of 2010, and a few public appearances in Fairs and Conventions just isn’t enough! What gives?

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Well, through the year, we had lacked in something highly valuable for our public. Yes, we may have had a spectacular audience during our first Steampunk Production; yes, we are able to return with the same, if not better quality next year as a Theatre Company in North Hollywood. We have that, but alas, it is not enough.

We have pronounced ourselves as a Non Profit Inc. to everyone we’ve met, we tell them we provide entertainment to the public, and we do so in the most welcoming manner: Theatrically! But we can give more…

By Winter 2011, we will officially become a 501c3 organization.

With an entire season set aside from our Theatrical activities, we have managed to re-organize Azure Lorica to become a more sufficient company for the public. The founders of Azure Lorica are not actors, we can be Producers, Directors, Stage Managers — the hands on Board, but no such Thespians. Instead we became Businessmen, Book Keepers, Lawyers…for you.

By Winter 2011, the public will be able to attain tax deduction through cash and non-cash donations. Their children will see more plays, and return to school with the Arts for free. We might even have workshops for Media updates in our current industry. Our transperancy will become public, and soon this fresh Corporation will return to what Los Angeles needs: Real service for a real community.

Please follow us for upcoming information to our Winter Season, and Azure Lorica’s first year Anniversary. We thank you all for supporting us in 2010, and the many years to come!


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