Farewell WordPress

Azure Lorica is currently transferring its blog posts from the past four months, as we return using WordPress as our public blog:

Tue Dec 28, 2010 @ 06:29AM

Azure Lorica has began taking steps to improve and simplify our Press Releases, and one of the many steps to come is the “Inactivity” post on our WordPress account. With our new website handling all of our online necessities, a link to an outside webpage has become unnecessary. Although WordPress will become inactive, the account will still remain. It holds many of our major events’ logs from 2010, and to delete an established account with WordPress.com is practically e-waste in digital memory. You’re probably asking, “Why does that matter? You can always make a new account.”

wordpress-new-logo.png Alas, we are attached to the address, and the thought of conjuring a more elaborate web address apart from triskelepress.wordpress.com to azure.lorica.2011.wordpress.com or azlo2011.wordpress.com or 2011canteventhinkofbetteraddy.wordpress.com is very tacky. We have all done it before: delete an account on something as popular as Myspace, and reinvent your avatar with your old username, or something close to it, just to resolve with not even second best, but a few letters and probably three numbers that makes you sound like a sci-fi robot from the 1970’s. The address is fine, we like it; it’s just going to stay inactive.

As for those who’ve subscribed to our WordPress blog updates, the last update was sent last night (12/27/2010), to let everyone know on both our Facebook and Twitter site that Azure Lorica is soon to be inactive in websites, such as WordPress, until further notice. [link]

And to stay smart, we are leaving links to our new website for anyone that may encounter our old WordPress account, to give our browsers a chance to know us better. We thank everyone who supported Azure Lorica last year, and we hope to continue our services with easier access and simplicity by 2011.


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