Google open for business…nonprofit!

Azure Lorica is currently transferring its blog posts from the past four months, as we return using WordPress as our public blog:

Sun Mar 20, 2011 @ 04:18PM

by, Jennifer Manaog

4577758.jpgOn March 16, 2011, Googleᵀᴹ launched a program that would provide enhanced online resources and product offerings for non-profit organizations all over the US in order to raise awareness, increase donor base, and improve operations for their causes. This program, Google for Non-Profits, includes tools such as Google Grants, which offers up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdwordsGoogle Analytics, a free software that helps your organization find what people are most interested in when it comes to your organization, YouTube, and Google Earth Outreach, which helps visualize your cause through out mapping applications.

Along with the program, Googleᵀᴹ has included Google Apps for Non-Profits, allowing organizations free access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and many others.

With the help of Google for Non-Profits, we can spread the word of what Azure Lorica’s mission is about, not just in the LA county, but possibly throughout the US. It will also allow us to become more organized on the web.

Azure Lorica would like to thank Google for creating such a wonderful program to help not only us in succeeding to make our mission a reality, but also other organizations in the US that strive to create a wonderful place for us to live in.



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