Festival of Books

If you’re in the know, then I’m sure you’re familiar with Los Angeles Times “Festival of Books.” If not, the L.A. Times hosts a Festival of Books every year to celebrate something we hardly celebrate at all — reading. It’s a free public event where you, the public, can check out for-profit and non-profit organizations in the literature world. For more in-depth information, read up on this year’s FAQ for the event: Festival of Books FAQ

So, being a Theater Arts non-profit organization, we were compelled to check it out.

The Festival of Books was grand, as there were many booths and events going on happening on the beautiful USC grounds. Perhaps one of the most memorable events that we observed was a dancing chipmunk along with his young dancers entertaining the youth. However, we were more interested in the myriad of organizations presenting themselves. We ran into some very interesting non-profit organizations such as The Literacy Guild as well as Playing With Plays (Shakespeare for Kids).

photography by Kyle Niitsuma

Even more exciting than simply becoming informed about these other non-profit organizations is that we managed to get a few questions in with them. Due to unforeseen circumstances (read: wearing an inappropriate shirt), our corporate Secretary Eugene Docena took the helm and scored us some interviews with these friendly folks (Tina Tsai, Derek Kent, and Brendan Kelso).

We weren’t exclusively looking for other non-profit organizations, as we managed to speak with Lisa LaPoint from Harvard University Press.

Now, we at Azure Lorica are getting excited as we’ll get to interview these fine ladies and gentlemen in-depth and perhaps even have a few partnerships along the way…

Stay tuned for more weekly news from Azure Lorica!

Check out the groups and people I mentioned yourself! Be amazed:
Harvard University Press
Playing With Plays: Shakespeare for Kids
The Literacy Guild
Scary School (Derek Taylor Kent)


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