The Beginning Of A New Alliance

by Jennifer Manaog, In-House Writer

Our meeting with Tina Tsai was an awesome experience. I’ve learned so much, its hard to pick a place to start.

We met at a small café in L.A. The decor was vintage and gave that comfy feel. Ms. Tsai was sitting at the corner of the room typing away at her computer.

photography by Kyle Niitsuma

We joined her and began our chat by explaining what Azure Lorica was all about and how we got started. We also talked about how video gaming and anime inspired Ms. Tsai in writing her book, The Legend of Phoenix Mountain. If you haven’t read it, I strongly encourage you to buy a copy!

We talked about how The Literacy Guild was started and the many opportunities they offer for children.

Our company all had a lot in common, and because of that, you will be seeing more collaboration between Azure Lorica and The Literacy Guild LLC.

Ms. Tina Tsai, if you’re reading this, you are absolutely epic! Thank you for meeting with us. I truly believe that you and Azure Lorica created a strong friendship and partnership in the years to come.

To those of you continuing to support us, thank you always! We have so much more to offer in the near future, so stay posted!


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