Suit Up!

On October 30, 1:00PM at Zeli Coffee Bar of La Canada, the Executives and Founders of Azure Lorica had a meeting of Epic proportions! There were a many and new things to come, and the changes were in need of tremendous strategy. The end of the year is near, and Azure Lorica has just begun its new role in the Los Angeles community.

To begin, we’ve established ourselves as public speakers at Conventions, helping young adults and the youth gain real world knowledge in the Industry of Arts/Entertainment; we are soon providing more Theatrical Productions for Pasadena and NoHo, allowing newcomers to gain real experience in Theatre, and give tax exemption to those who donate to our cause; and lastly, we made programs for volunteers to join us in our activities as a 501c3 nonprofit charity, and helped them gain experience through hands-on work. We did not pull any punches this past year, and we’re not about to start this month. In fact, we’re giving you more!

Thanks to the help of our growing volunteer staff, the feedback of our audience, the support of our contributors, and our new sponsors, we’ve been able to improve Azure Lorica, and have adopted a system that will allow us to bring you more Productions, more Workshops, and more Programs to aid families, kids, and teens in their exposure and opportunity in the Arts. We would like to thank the Pasadena Libraries for their welcoming support, as we will be producing our first Live Reading Performance at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, in the Central Library on Walnut St., this coming December.

We will soon reach out to underprivileged children by 2012. We encourage everyone to stay subscribed with Azure-Lorica.COM for upcoming events and productions, as the best surprise of them all – after much planning and consideration – is that it all will be given for FREE!

Photo by Marcus Ranum

Join us and help our mission grow.


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