Clothes To Die For!

by, Eugene Docena

For many of us in Southern California, we’ve been exposed to Tattoo art where ever we go: the beach, the city, the suburbs, and even the rural, at times. Cable networks have exposed it internationally, and on November 5th, Azure Lorica has managed to catch one of the most talented brands locally, at the Designer Con, in Pasadena. Their name is To Die For Clothing.

photography by Stefanie Warner

“Established in 1997, To Die For Clothing is the product of two brothers love for art, music, and family. More than a decade ago, Jason Welsher, a drummer and staple in the Orange County hardcore, straight edge music scene, and Josh ‘Deph’ Welsher an urban graffiti artist, toy designer, and skater, fused their influences into a tattoo-inspired fashion endeavor.” I met with the two brothers and got a first-hand scoop over how they’ve developed their background and influences in their business: At first, their shirts were made for Band Members, created with their style representing the performers on stage, allowing their look to speak for them. After a while, they began expanding their business to the public, the fans; beyond the Musicians, but the people who supported this culture. Tattoos and graffiti found its way to the aficionados, and it just got cooler with every design!

By this week, their holiday line up should be ready for purchase. They’ve launched their kids line up, and as they put it, “(we) risked it, and it’s going amazing!” We are soon to anticipate headwear, accessories, and women’s wear. Fans have been demanding for more, and ToDieForClothing is no less than willing to extend their line. Jason and Deph expressed that they are putting their heart and soul in the areas they’re weak in, because “it gets boring.”

They encourage new artists that are looking to become part of the scene to “create something new, get ahead of the curve.” Their slogan is “who inspires you?” Find that person who influences (you), and start talking. Simply, create something that’s of your own, and make it happen. “You gotta fall on your face once or twice,” says Jason Welsher, “in order to get up for the third time.”

Jason and Deph are motivated by originality, and bringing what they’ve known and appreciated to everyone is mainly their trade. They’ve taken part in charity events and vinyl toy designs for collectors, supporting the community with their style. Along with their T-shirts and print, ToDieForClothing will soon be extending their business to the families, as their popularity grows. Speaking with them at DesignerCon, I got to personally see how they manage a small booth with a screen printing machine and a conveyor dryer. It was very impressive, and had a lot of heads turned with the display of craftsmanship. It was a privilege to have met such open hearts to the community. I myself couldn’t help but buy a print from them too.

If you are interested in seeing more of Jason and Deph’s work, or you’d like to get some sick design and wear, go visit their site:, and support real OC Artists!


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