Once Upon a Californian Christmas

Close your eyes and smell the glazed ham literally steaming on the dark mahogany table with the carvings on a silver crested platter surrounded by mashed potatoes and gingerbread cookies fresh from the oven. You turn your head to the window where Christmas snow is falling gently outside but no worries, you snuggle with a loved one on the couch and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace.

This idyllic scene is not just of movies and fantasies but even if we Californians do create the delectable American Christmas cuisine, snow is…just not happening.

Unless you live in snowy areas like Big Bear, the only snow most Californians are going to be seeing is through their TVs. However, when did anyone need snow to make a perfect Christmas?

Ditch the expensive lights, the shedding tree, those perfect cookies on Food Network (though we love them)!

Instead, watch some Christmas classics.

Just like our warm Christmas, it’s “Christmas Eve and it’s only 105 degrees in the shade” in the French Guiana, the setting of this play. Hailed as “…A wonderful family comedy…” by NOHO Art District, My Three Angels is marvelously hilarious as three convicts, who work as roofers for a struggling shopkeeper and his family, cook up a scheme that will help their employer from his egotistic cousin from France who tries to audit the books. Will the prisoners redeem themselves? Find out:

Location: At the Lonny Chapman Theatre (10900 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA  9160)

Show times: Fri, Dec 09 – Sun, Jan 15
Fri/Sat @8pm
Sun @2pm
Dec. 25 & Jan. 1 @7pm

Prices: $22 General Admission

Running time is 120 minutes long w/intermission



A play perfect for tapping your feet in time:

A Cinderella Christmas is a musical that mixes both classic fairy tales and modern themes. And come on, don’t we need a little more magic in our lives? Starring  David Hernandez from American Idol and a Broadway veteran, it’s a modern Cinderella story during Christmas. It’s a more splashy performance than others which explains those high prices.

Location: El Portal Theatre (11206 Weddington St, North Hollywood, CA 91601)

Show Times: Thu, Dec 22 – Sun, Jan 08
Dec.28 @3pm & @7pm; Thur, Dec. 22 @7pm

Jan. 4 @7PM; Jan. 5 @3 & 7pm
Fri: Dec. 23, 30 and Jan. 6-3 & 7PM
Sun: Jan 8 -3 & 7PM

(There are other show times at Play411)

Prices: $54 for Adults, $34 for Children on weekends.

Need discounts? Go to About.com

Running time is 120 minutes w/intermission

Christmas, whether it’s perfect or not, is more than the commercialized gifts and mass “Merry Christmas” texting. We should hold the good cheer for 365 days of the year until the next Christmas. I hope that all of you out there will have a wonderful Christmas whether you’re in warm California or cold Michigan. Remember to carefully check your stocking.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays.

Azure Lorica


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