Azure Lorica @ Anime Los Angeles 2012 for DIY Advertising

A shoutout to all fellow anime fans or those in need of advertising help!

It’s 2012 so why not kick off the new year with an exciting event?

On Friday, January 6 @ 1-2pm, Azure Lorica will be hosting a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Advertising Panel at Anime Los Angeles in Live Programming 4. The whole event is located at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel on one floor below the lobby with the hotel’s restaurants and multiple eateries open for eager stomachs.

What exactly is Anime Los Angeles? It’s a function run by members and volunteers who host events for anime, manga, etc.  Anime Los Angeles 8 is open to the public at reasonable prices: One-day memberships at the door will be $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, or $20 for Sunday. They have a variety of great attractions such as Cosplay Chess,  Masquerade and panels that may help you learn a thing or two.

Our DIY Advertising Panel’s speakers Eugene Docena and Stefanie Warner will teach you “practical methods that can win and expand your target audience,” and aid you in your business ventures. Whether you’re a fresh entrepreneur or just someone interested in making a popular website; they will connect you with resources to give you a push in the right direction and the right people. Become the new Internet celebrity! You can find us on the Friday program page. This panel is not exclusive to businesses so feel free to step inside and gain some tips you may need to whip out for a certain occasion. After all, we advertise ourselves through our clothes, speech patterns, personality so why not learn to control the image we portray?

For more rates, go to the registration tab on their website.

For more information, go directly to the website Anime Los Angeles 8.

Let’s greet the new year together! We at Azure Lorica hope to see you at our DIY Advertising panel. Have a happy New Year!


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