An Unlikely Hero

Ever witnessed anyone playing hero in a Manhattan Lobby? Chances are, if you attended the Avery Shreiber Theatre last Friday (2/3/2012), in North Hollywood, you have. The Red Brick Road Theatre Company, a nonprofit theatre company, premiered Kenneth Lonergan’s witty comedy: Lobby Hero, starring Kyle Bryan Hall, Danielle Stephens, Alain Pierre, and Robert Fileta.

Meet Jeff, a luckless security guard, in charge of a Manhattan apartment building. His issue of ethics are challenged by every visit between his superior, a two-faced cop and his lovely but struggling rookie partner. The cop drama escalates throughout the play, tunneling deeper and deeper into the depths between New York police corruption and the charisma of true character. If it weren’t for Kyle Bryan Hall’s (Jeff) hilarious and dynamic performance, capturing the timing of each line, the drama would have caught you in Lonergan’s dreadful scenarios of criminal intent. Robert Fileta’s persuasion will catch your heart at each beat, holding on to Daneille Stephen’s internal conflict between each tear. Alain Pierre’s reflections will guide you to the bravery of  brotherhood, and the dissuasion of integrity – formally introducing you to the lifestyle of how far can the law truly reach it’s people.

I came to the show, catching wonderful faces enter the theatre. The audience were enthralled by the delivery of its cast, and watching the show on its opening night, I will admit, you won’t be disappointed! Lobby Hero is a police comedy that catches the human conscience in its tracks, a great show and a great cast!

Lobby Hero, Directed by Christine Macedo, is showing at the Avery Schreiber Theatre, at the North Hollywood Arts District between February 3-25, 2012, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm.

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