Neighborhood Block Party! Interested?

Thought neighborhood block parties were for schools or the rich? Let’s rethink that.

Hosted by the talented TamirFilms Ltd, Azure Lorica is aiding their event  to support alternatives for kids in the entertainment industry and give them opportunities to get involved. This event is held on March 10, 2012 (1pm-5pm) at Jones Coffee Roaster, 693 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105, 1:00-5:00pm, so stop by and enjoy a cup of joe with us. Admission is free to the public.

Wondering what’s even going to happen there?
Let’s see…First, you will be welcomed by the sound of DJ Dub Cee’s awesome mixes blended with Dubstep and Electronica over the speakers as you sign the guest book at the entrance. After the announcement of our mission, a multitude of activities will be open like a real-life silent auction using raffles and you’ll get a chance to enjoy a number of comedians taking over the stage for hours to satisfy any of your laughing needs. You are welcome to buy refreshments at the cafe and just sit back and relax in the peppy atmosphere.

Lot of Americans are obsessed with coffee, our near-physical and definitely emotional attachment to Starbucks and other cafes are proof of that. What can we say? We give in to our guilty pleasures. So if sometime in your day you’re craving that coffee break, break from routine and stop by Jones Coffee Brewery and enjoy some performances while sipping that perfect blend of coffee beans and heat. Interested?

We hope so. Can’t wait to see you all there!

With promises of caffeine and fun,

Azure Lorica


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