ARRGH, maties! A play is headed your way!

Remember when you were that weird, quirky kid who sat in math class writing stories full of adventures of all kinds?

And though your teacher railed at you demanding algebraic formulas, the only X you could see was the spot of your sought-after treasure. But now as we go through life’s motions, what happened to the adventures we dreamed of experiencing?

What would you say if we, Azure Lorica Inc., along with the very talented Lauren Bauer invited you to an escapade of foolish pirates, heady winds, and outrageous yet hilarious situations?

Please join us for Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific, a one act comedy written by your own Pasadena librarian Lauren Bauer and directed by our co-founder Stefanie Warner. According to the news release, “Riding the skies with the infamous airship, the Iron Goose and its small crew of colorful characters search for an island of untold riches. When Jim O’Shea (Michael Heiman), a charismatic formal rival of the Iron Goose seeks employment from Captain Clay (Catherine Warner), in the Iron Goose, the competence of the airship and its history is revealed through the comical and wacky compilation of mis-coordination — in keeping the ship together with its indecisive map keeper, Dr. Hershey (Jennifer Huang), and the ship’s stern and devious first mate, Lt. Harding (Brandice Brenning)…”

This grand mix of personalities combined with a mischievous plot will definitely interest even the most sleepy. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good (or deliciously bad) pirate?

If you’re between the grades of  kindergarten and 12th grade in high school, you are welcome to watch the show absolutely free. Free= no need to pay money= very good= no excuse not to watch this.

This is the chance for us to discover a new world overflowing with colorful tales,  heroic battles, and your new pirate friends. The adventure starts at:

Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center, 11006 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601 (googlemap).

Come with us to opening night Friday, April 6, 2012 @ 7pm-10pm, but if your schedule is full on that day, just come before the show closes at Sunday, April 8, 2012 @ 7pm-10pm. The play will go on for the duration of 3 days. For General Admission, ticket prices are $12, for students (above 12th grade)/seniors: $10. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at EventBrite. For rules about student ID, please follow the Eventbrite link.

Just like our mission says, our goal is to bring families in nearby communities together to enjoy with all generations the wonder of family theater. With video games, Internet attractions, T.V, theater has too often taken a back seat to the tech improvements–especially with children. I find that there truly is nothing as personal as a live production, nothing as pleasing than the visible sweat and always shining smiles of actors on the glorious stage. There is no editing, no close-ups, no retakes.

So enjoy the real experience with Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific with your family, friends, and enemies/rivals and you will definitely be seeing us there.

For more information, go to the Azure Lorica site with the Captain Clay homepage. Feel free to contact us at (888)-701-5752 or get in touch with our Press contact Eugene Docena at (818) 357-9730. To arrange press seats, schedule interviews or request additional editorial information or photos.
Always yours,

Azure Lorica Inc.


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