The Theatre Charity

Azure Lorica has come a long way, and after two and a half years of establishment, we’re gaining new faces and more projects to pursue the charity we’ve always dreamed of. When we began, it was just three dreamers wishing for a chance to bring something to life on stage. We weren’t Actors, no Theatre Majors were on board, and what we knew best was Design, writing stories, and creating sets. To us, it was like Lego multiplied by ten. It was a lot of work, but it was work we knew how to produce. It took some financial backing, and soon we grew. We’ve been growing ever since.

After the approval of our 501c3, we gained access to nearly everything we needed: free technology, free web access, free fundraisers. The loot was immense, and we encourage every nonprofit to get this paperwork done, if you’re to succeed in nonprofit charity; because that’s exactly what we were after! Theatre Tickets were going for $18 per seat in Small Theatre, and the crowd were always just people you knew — hardly a passing stranger looking for a good time, and rarely a patron of the arts. It was a lot of fun, with free wine on opening nights, and great crowds on the first and last show, but they were always just friends coming to support. The curse of Small Theatre, I suppose… But then families came to watch, children wanted the experience of live theatre: the colors, the intimacy, the theatrics! They wanted it too…but the price was too high. For $18, you could rent four videogames, pay for a DVD that’ll last you for five years, or probably six popcorn boxes all at Blockbuster. 2010 was an eye opener.

Since then, we’ve been building our services, experimented over what worked, and what can be left for later. Today, we’re giving them for free. All the free access and free stuff the 501c3 allowed our Nonprofit to grow with has given us the manpower, the education, and the sponsors to pull this operation through. We’ve recently announced our Play Contest, soon open for submission by September 10th, we’re hosting more shows this year (please support DBoy at Anime Expo), and we are moving to a safer location from our home theatre in NoHo, where families and children can come and enjoy a show on us: the City of Pasadena. From the Libraries to Parks, between Cons and Community Events, we’re here to give. All we ask is for your support.


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