Improved Volunteerism

This coming Saturday, Azure Lorica is holding another Volunteer Meeting, distinctly for Junior Graphic Designers. These volunteers will be working with our beloved CEO, Stefanie Warner in discussing and managing the media functions of our upcoming projects and campaigns. Stefanie has an array of experience in Graphic Design and Press Relations, along with her Bachelors Degree from the Art Institute. She hopes to not only expose these Designers to practical media for nonprofit functions, but also utilize their knowledge and skills to further their experience in the professional field of Design.

This private meeting will be held in Pasadena, and is the first of many new and improved programs of Azure Lorica. We are currently becoming more personal with our volunteers, as they are becoming more career oriented in number. But because of such a demand, we are also creating seasonal opportunities, and will in fact schedule new entries for highschool students, college students, and online volunteers distinctly.

As many of our previous volunteers have encountered, timing is always key. Highschoolers volunteer for community service hours, weekends are the best time for most, and parents want to know exactly where and how their children are taken care of – is it at a safe location? Is the Nonprofit legitimate? How does this help them? All questions leading to many presentations for young aspiring career builders. All of which can help online and on-site: it’s your choice.

We thank all of our volunteers who’ve stuck with us throughout the year, and enjoy seeing the new faces ready to work with us. We’re here for you, and now we’re making sure that you leave with real experience you can apply for future endeavors. There are not just general volunteer positions available, but skilled positions for those in need of a title to put in their resume. It makes a difference to people, and we hope that their service not only begins with the community, but continues in their own future.

To learn more about this, please visit us:


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