Returning to Myspace


It’s been years since the reign of the first popular social network for college kids made any difference in our lives. It was known for flirty groups and big parties – the designs were flashy, and the trouble people got into was just too much! But today, Myspace has revamped its look, its audience, and its influence. Today, Myspace is potential!

Azure Lorica has been connecting to groups and audiences in every network safe for 13 year olds and artists. Just before Facebook became a house hold name, Myspace was our home to connect and keep feeds online. After a few years, the connections grew and now we can be found even on But since the original creators of Myspace sold the company, the site’s image has been tamed: the templates and css codes are gone, the flashiness has been organized, and even the logo has been modified into an underscore – animated to carry stuff like a grocery bag.

It’s cute, and it’s been attracting Musicians, film makers, and Emo teenagers. And surprisingly, we’re using the site again, as they’re at last connecting with another website that’s been in isolated glory for artists and anime fans alike: We haven’t made too many changes yet, but in the next few months, expect us to become more active with talents beyond theatre. We’re breaching the confines of family-friendly, and making a difference with the generation of age.

Catch us soon with new shows and more fun! Follow us on Myspace 🙂


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