Love At First Scene

There’s production in the air, and we’re asking you to support our cause. It’s a big leap, but we know that you’ll be there with us. Azure Lorica is holding a campaign to get our year started with a series of shows ready and waiting to be produced, staged, and streamed. You heard right: streamed. Theatre has always been about live entertainment, and nothing is more live that streaming on real time – online. The idea came to us as most small theatre companies bring no more than twenty to thirty people at a time in NoHo, even though fifty to eighty people said they would love to come, but couldn’t afford to travel on time, and on budget. We figured out how to manage the free admission already, but as for the time constraint…well, streaming it is!

But in order for us to get started, we need the support of our fans, the artists who enjoy the stage, and the audience who’ve shown their love these past few years. The challenge for us is how much we can obtain with just an online campaign? We’re no Broadway or Vegas! But a charity, in LA. We’re more community oriented, we entertain families, and connect with teens who love anime. Our background is in Cosplay and Art, no elitism between education and corporate rivalry. Just sheer passion for Theatre. We’re giving it away for free, and we do not wish to hold back.

With you help, your support, $1 can make this ideal a reality. We love producing Plays, we enjoy making families happy, and with every bit of heart and care, we sincerely want to be the quality the community needs – North Hollywood, Pasadena, Online. Please help us, we need your support. Donate today, and we can bring free theatre to the world together.


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