Where’s My Airship?

As we continue to improve our presence on Myspace, Tumblr, and deviantART, the controversy of copyrights have crossed our path, and we have no choice but to accept the terms and conditions of an old contract. In the beginning of Azure Lorica’s incorporation, we teamed up with a progressive metal band, Delicate Edge. They’re work debuted at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center, during the world premiere of JOURNEY SEEKERS: A Steampunk Adventure! on April 2010. The collaborative contract provided an exchange of services for copyrights to use a number of scores and music. The production was a success, and Delicate Edge kept their proceeds from direct sales of their CDs. The contract was fulfilled.

Last year (2011), we took the liberty of using their music for the video “Where’s My Airship?” to promote Findlings: A One Act Play Contest. The video was more over comical than dramatic, which had shown no relevance to their song, but made quite the dramatic effect. Delicate Edge had no complaints.

Today, as we began sharing our past content between our new accounts online, the trouble of displaying their music through our video “Where’s My Airship?” was disputed as misrepresenting of their band’s theme and image. Out of respect for our verbal agreement in “Where’s My Airship?”, we’ve complied with their demand to remove the video from all of our networks. For those that have enjoyed the video, we apologize for the sudden change, and we’ve made sure to keep the alternative version of “Where’s My Airship?” for your viewing pleasure:


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