Happy Father’s Day Dad!

It’s Father’s Day, and though we’ve missed out on many holidays this year, Azure Lorica would like to greet Dads across the world for their love and hard work towards their families. No one can do it like you can Dads. Your family is lucky to have you!

Ideally, people with fathers will give them a greeting card, hopefully a new golf club or power tools, and eat a good meal. It’s not hard to please Dads, so as long as it’s comfortable and in their taste. But of course, being their child, the trick to the whole thing is what do you give them when they don’t have any real preference in the matter? What if they might not like that lanyard you made them, or the “Best Dad” award/sign doesn’t do it? What if your dad was famous, and you were just three years old with a 501c3? Silly, right?

But knowing that Theatre has had its rich heritage passed down from one generation to the next, this holiday means more than just greeting cards and power tools (in fact, that’s what we do all the time in production anyways), it means innovation and the power behind our modern culture. Because, though romanticism is what Shakespeare was known for, Small Theatre gives its thanks more towards a different curtain: The Father of Modern Drama, Henrik Ibsen. This Playwright/Poet brought realism to the stage, away from the romance of Romeo and Juliet, and into A Doll’s House. It’s a huge step beyond the dream and wish of a heroic epic reaching a live audience, as his stories have influenced and captivated audiences across the world, with the action of modernistic theatrics. This Norwegian Playwright/Poet has created multiple Plays in his lifetime, and has changed live entertainment forever.

Ideally, Dads would get cards and gifts, so Azure Lorica would like to give back to Mr. Ibsen by giving you, our audience a reminder of what he’s done that’s worth returning to, as his Plays have become public domain and should never be forgotten. Enjoy the 1968 scene of A Doll’s House, starring Anthony Hopkins:


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