Eat, Cosplay, Love

The parties are just coming back to back, and this coming Saturday, Anime Los Angeles is hosting a picnic event! They encourage attendees to come in costume, and enjoy the sun, food, and company for a day of gathering enthusiasts at the Hillcrest Park in Fullerton, CA. It’s a fun time for the family to enjoy the scene.

Anime Los Angeles (ALA) is a convention held at the LAX area, near the airport, at the beginning of the year. Azure Lorica’s Co-founders had the pleasure to guest speak earlier this year at ALA, and have since enjoyed their events. Their operation is made for the community and very friendly for the family. They have class and makes sure to take care of their attendees.

Last time we blogged about Anime Los Angeles, we merely posted a video, not elaborating on the wonderful event we so enjoyed. The convention was something people had to experience, moreover than talked about. You didn’t feel obliged to attend every event, nor did you feel pressured to pay for anything. It really was about hanging out with your friends, and having fun. At the time, we brought with us two new volunteers who’ve never attended an anime convention before. They loved their visit to the con, as it was their first, and gave us (the main staff) a good perspective of how this event really helps the community. Enthusiasm is everything they need, and whether it was in Cosplay, videogames, or art, it made teens and adults happy, connecting in an activity that embraced the artistic outlet of these “Otakus”.

So yet again, this organization is hosting another event, something free and open to its supporters. Azure Lorica is happy to know that there are more events like these for the public, and hope that more enthusiasts attend ALA, as the fun loving gathering teens and families can all enjoy.

Visit them for more info:


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