Change in Programs

Yesterday, Azure Lorica had one last meeting with its current volunteer members at Pasadena’s Bird Pick. We’ve managed to improve our company with the volunteer program we began in 2010, and we’ve come to the point of either creating a mechanical system or move on with an even better idea: Internships.

For the past few years, we’ve come to realize that most volunteers just want to complete their hours in their community service, and not care so much in gaining new experience, but rather practice the skills they already have. Ideally, we would help these volunteers become updated in their work with us, in a professional level; but the volunteers have grown in number, and we’re unable to adhere to everyone’s needs.

So to fully help the volunteers that have stayed with Azure Lorica beyond their community service hours, we’re creating Apprenticeships and Internships for the select few. The rest of the volunteers who wish to complete their hours can now do unskilled tasks, such as Ushering and Microblogging. This also means that college students can get credit for their work with us, and the recommendation letters will be given to a fewer number of people. We will be posting the Apprenticeships on, and other sites beyond

We hope that everyone staying with Azure Lorica will be ready for the new responsibilities, and help the temporary volunteers complete their hours. We thank the people that have made a great difference in Azure Lorica’s cause. We couldn’t have done it all without you!

Stay tuned for details on the new system for volunteerism, apprenticeships, and internship programs.


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