A Haven For Otakus

Geeks never had it so good until Big Laughs in Little Tokyo — Stand Up Comedy show for Otakus, hosted by DBoy Productions. If you just got into Anime (i.e. Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto), you’ll be sure to recognize the word “Otaku”. It’s a title coined for Anime enthusiasts living the subculture of not just watching Japanese animated cartoons, but partake in many activities like Cosplay, Videogames, and Art. Much like Trekkers and Jedi’s, the subculture grew in a bigger spectrum in the past few years, and it’s become a norm to have live performances in masquerades and even…Stand Up Comedy!

Last Saturday (8/25/2012) in the Cafe Shining Bell, Danny Gonzales, Producer of DBoy Productions, hosted Big Laughs in Little Tokyo. This was an amazing event, filled with returning Comedians in the Anime Convention scenes, who’ve gain great reputation in delivering jokes about not only Anime, but the lifestyle that surrounds it. Premiering on the same day as the Vocaloid Party at Jungle Anime (one floor below), these Comedians blasted a successful party, bringing an array of Otakus ranging from all walks of life, and living it up with the wonderful desserts of the Cafe Shining Bell; featuring: Chibi Rodan, Sid Diego Jr, Greg Jones JR, Alfred Franklin Jones, Matthew Cartagena, Jonathan ChavezYasi Elie, Alaine Wayne, Justin GarciaJeffery Clark, Trung Troung, and of course, our host DBoy.

Big Laughs in Little Tokyo is a haven for those in the Anime circuit, bringing a smile and a good laugh for families and friends. As a geek community, mainly the kids “in the know” will get the references, but living in California, these Comics will deliver you a better story than just another episode of Pokemon.

Join DBoy Productions as they continue this monthly show in Los Angeles, and catch these Comedians as they travel to your nearby Anime Conventions across the state of California. For more information, visit: www.dboypro.net


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