Calling All Playwrights!!!

Illustrated by Jenna Yuanyuan Bao

Greetings to all Playwrights! It’s that time of the year again, when Azure Lorica opens its mailbox for script submissions in our annual one act contest: Findlings.

This year, we’ve changed the rules to accept entries from all ages, and will be posting the revised rules to other web listings online for everyone to join in the chance to be Produced in a professional theatre in Los Angeles, California! The winner will have their Play not only produced, but be documented, and saved in Azure Lorica’s production archives. This is a great opportunity to gain recognition as a professional writer, and will allow us to continue our charity in giving children and teens FREE PLAYS in LA County!

Photo by Daniel Irvin

Last year, a charming Pasadena Librarian by the name of Lauren Bauer, won and had her Play: Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific produced in NoHo Arts District’s Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center in the April of 2012. Today, we are continuing the production in the Pasadena Libraries and Community Centers, allowing families to enjoy it as the new school year begins. Lauren has become one of Azure Lorica’s beloved patrons and sponsors, and has the proud title of being our first Findlings-Playwright.

Submit today and win a chance to have your Play in a professional Theatre!

For rules & more info: VISIT US

DEADLINE: December 1, 2012

Happy Writing!



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