Thank You for Coming!

We are proud to have had such a wonderful turn out for Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific this week. The children were laughing, the actors were jumping, and when you thought things couldn’t get better, people came back for more! This is the second premiere of Captain Clay […], and we’re more than happy to have our patrons return along with our lovely Playwright, Lauren Bauer, to enjoy another Findlings winning production in the Pasadena Central Library.

We thank everyone who came and supported the show, along with the families whose children had the great pleasure of attending a family-friendly theatre show, as this all was created just for you, the community of LA County. Captain Clay […] was a free show, and along with it, due to our wonderful Prize Sponsor – IndieCade – we were also able to give away four tickets to the infamous Sundance of Videogame Festivals (IndieCade). Along with other announcements, such a more DBoy Productions’ Shows in Little Tokyo, our audience were all able to come out of the show with more free stuff than ever!

Azure Lorica has come a long way to become the theatre community that LA has needed, and we’re still growing! With upcoming new programs and events, we’ll be able to give you, our loving patrons, the best live entertainment right in your city. Captain Clay […] is only the beginning.

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