The beginning of us: Journey Seekers

Formerly known as Star GazerZ Productions (DBA – 2005), Azure Lorica was founded by Stefanie Warner, Eugene Docena, and June Del Rosario on 2010.

Azure Lorica, Inc. made a successful Grand Entrance as the NonProfit Theatre Company in 2010, with the World Premiere of JOURNEY SEEKERS: A Steampunk Adventure!

The Full-Length Play Premiered at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre  Center, 11006 Magnolia Boulevard North Hollywood, CA 91601-3704 on April 2-18, 2010. Starring: Davis Wyn, Aneiszka Sea, Josh Polizzi, Michael Heiman, and Kate DelRosario. Featuring music score by Delicate Edge.

“…a spirit of innovation…” —The Tolucan Times


2 thoughts on “The beginning of us: Journey Seekers

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