Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!


Azure Lorica never had it so good until this year! Thanks to all of you who’ve made such tremendous contributions to our charity, we’ve made not only a difference, but change in the community. In the past, we relied on just volunteers and the Board to help us create productions and press work, and as for those who have stuck with Azure Lorica within the past few years have noticed, we’ve been able to produce higher quality of work frequently this year.

So to comemorate our success in 2012, we would like to thank everyone who’s participated, contributed, and supported Azure Lorica:

To the Volunteers ~ Thank you! With you, we’ve been able to manage our productions much smoother, and have given us a world of relief with your helping hands.

To the Donors ~ Thank you! Without your big hearts, we would not have been able to make the difference we aimed for this year. In fact, we’ve made many more than ever!

To the Board ~ Thank you! Your expertise has given us the best insight in the strategies we’ve improved upon. We’ve affected more students and families this year in the Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles areas thanks to you.

To the Performers ~ Thank you! Your amazing talent and love has made every production worth the world to not only us, but your audience. So many have returned because of your work, the passion we all strive to pursue, they see it in your step, your act, your song. Dear Actors, Actresses, Musicians, and Clowns, you made our world go round.

To our new Affiliates! Thank you! Your willingness to travel and produce such beautiful works has immensely helped our cause reach double the amount of supporters. We couldn’t have done this year without you.

To the loyal fans and supporters ~ Thank you! We’ve made this journey three years ago with only three people organizing an annual production, but with your help and love, we’ve created something bigger than what we could’ve imagined. Celebrate! From the Coast to the Skies, we made it! We all made it!

This is a magnificent Thanksgiving, and we thank you all for making this happen. Azure Lorica was always for the community, we never expected it to be the community. You made this happen. Thank you. Thank you!


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