The New Azure Lorica

Azure Lorica has undergone through a lot of changes these past few months. We’ve had more productions this year, and have affected many more children in the Pasadena community. The need for our charity to expand has made it imperative for us to not only plan regular shows for the year 2013, but also invite other groups to help us in our endeavors of Bringing Theatre Back To Family.

By December, we will be holding a Public Meeting, to invite students and many others who wish to take part in our activities in 2013. We will be attending conventions, producing plays, and fundraising – and altogether making a better community with your help. [See Calendar].

We’ve created Kipp, our App for volunteers and patrons, to help you take part in our cause. You can download Kipp here: We are adding a library of new features to our website, for everyone to not only aid us in contributions, but also take the experience home. We’re creating prints, selling scripts, and sharing the memories with everyone! We’ve gained many new volunteers because of the effective community service our staff have delivered this past year, and wish to continue the tremendous difference our talented cast and crew have made and will make next year. Little by little, we will be announcing every new feature on, and anticipate an extension for many more to join us in our cause!

To see what’s in store for you, visit us:


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