Azure Lorica 2011

In the second year of Azure Lorica’s business, we invited our patrons to a series of special events. With a new Press Relations Officer, the Board of Directors were able to raise a suitable amount of funds, and make connections with the City of Pasadena and other festivals. Azure Lorica produced one live reading, four workshops, and several fundraisers:

  1. Azure-Lorica.COM
    • Azure Lorica became an official 501c3, and accepted new members as Managers and Director.
    • Because of our new established status, we took it upon ourselves to blog not only about us, but the community we’re serving, encouraging tax deductible donations.  We created azure-lorica.COM.
    • This website improved our volunteer program, and gave our community the power of Press.
    • LINK:
  2. Findlings: A One Act Play Contest
  3. Fundraisers @ Burbank & Pasadena
  4. Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy
    • Until we collected all of the entries from Findlings, we produced a live reading of an original piece by Stefanie Warner and Eugene Docena at the Pasadena Central Library.
    • LINK:

The time and effort our members and volunteers took to make it all happen were a great contribution to our cause. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into 2011, and we gained so much more thanks to everyone’s help. Thank you so much!


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