Azure Lorica 2012

After making a wonderful introduction to the Los Angeles County of Azure Lorica’s cause, we continued into 2012 with group collaborations. Primarily starting by becoming a fiscal sponsor for DBoy Productions, then taking in new affiliate members like Project 760 and Raging Nerds. We produced three plays in 2012, and with several programs to get the community more involved, business for us had become more rewarding for our young charity organization.

  1. Captain Clay and the Treasure of the Pacific by Lauren Bauer
  2. Sponsoring Associates
    • As we continued to progress as a charity for underprivileged families, we began accepting collaborations from local groups who were interested to do the same. We grew in strength in our Media team, and have become a mentor to a charity much like our own.
    • LINK:
    • LINK:
    • LINK:
  3. Apprenticeship and Other Programs
    • All thanks to the fundraising in 2011, we’ve been able to produce multiple shows in 2012. Azure Lorica took it upon themselves to start an Apprenticeship program to run parallel with our volunteer program and workshops. This allowed us to teach and apply the practices of theatrical production to local college and high school students.
    • LINK:

This year was all about producing more shows for the community. More children have come to enjoy our shows, and parents were more than willing to return for the favorable entertainment Azure Lorica was able to present in Pasadena and North Hollywood. We look forward to the growth of our young audience, and the service we provide for this community. We’ve come so far thanks to our volunteers and staff, and our new found friends in profession — thank you very much for your magnificent contribution to our cause. Together, we’ve made a difference in the new generation of Arts and Culture!


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