Saving The Wildlife With Anime

Kaleido-star-kaleido-star-19579270-640-480We here in Azure Lorica have become more “Anime” friendly in the past few months. We’ve always provided services in promoting community events, and free theatrical productions, but 2013 has become our stage of new developments. As a Performing Arts organization, we’re not only subjected to Plays or live readings, but stand up comedy, and soon…festivals. That’s right, Azure Lorica is moving into creating, aiding, and participating in festivals in Los Angeles County!

When did this all start? Yesterday. Actually, more like last month. In the past few weeks, we’ve been planning, organizing, and have come to invite you, our reader and supporters, to help us in our new endeavors for 2013. The idea began with one person’s ambition to start an Anime Convention, soon we had requests to start on other projects, and now we’ve got our hands so full, we’re asking if you’d like to share this treasure trove with us?

One of our proud events to come is NINJACON! This new Anime Convention was announced in this year’s Anime Los Angeles Convention. The event is an effort to support the Wildlife Waystation financially, as the proceeds of this event will be donated to their charity. NINJACON is our independent anime convention, where the American/non-Japanese groups and companies have produced their own art, videogames, and films for the Asian media, through independent production. Special guest Cristina Vie (voice actress of SkullGirls and League of Legends) will be joining us in hosting this wonderful event; introducing the newest and brightest artists in the indie scene of California.

Ninjacon-site-headerThe ironic part about this convention is that we will not have anime vendors, but rather panels and live autograph sessions with professionals in the anime/videogame industry, as NINJACON is hosted in the middle of Little Tokyo, Downtown LA. Working with the community, we’re supporting the local businesses by spreading their flyers and ads in our venue at the Japanese American Cultural Community Center (JACCC), including Jungle Anime, The Shining Bell Cafe, and many many more! Little Tokyo has been a growing community, and we welcome everyone to enjoy the area and their restaurants and cultural shops. We will be hosting live events on stage, in the middle of the village, with music and fashion shows for your entertainment. Please support your local businesses 🙂

wildlife_waystation_Mishka_bear_donate_helpThere’s more to come, and all we ask is for your support in funding the rest of the convention, as this event is to help real live animals in captivity, at the Wildlife Waystation. The sooner we can get this show up and running, the sooner we can help Eagles and Penguins and Cubs live better lives.


If you wish to support this cause at a nearby location, come to our next show in Little Tokyo’s Miyako Hotel — Big Laughs in Little Tokyo, hosted and produced by DBoy Productions. For more info, visit our calendar of events.

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