The Mission of Ninjacon

“The Wildlife Waystation is facing extinction.” -CBS 2 News

For the past few years, this nonprofit organization has been surviving annually by a shoe string, and we in Azure Lorica can’t stand seeing this happen again. The Wildlife Waystation has been taking care of animals in natural habitats and provided programs for the public to join in their mission to save the wildlife for decades! If we don’t do anything soon, this bear hugging charity will go extinct.


Our solution is to get the public involved. With the help of the community and small businesses of Little Tokyo of Downtown Los Angeles, and the aid of independent Artists, such as Cristina Vee and music band: The Shogunates, we’re creating a festival that has been gaining more and more fans to enjoy as enthusiasts and celebrate the youth of their interest: an anime convention! We call it NINJA-CON!

As the community of Little Tokyo is filled with anime merchandise and Japanese restaurants, we will be presenting independent artists, panelists, and celebrities in the Industry we all love and share: Anime. By holding this event, we’ll be able to sell tickets at the door, give artists a chance to showcase their work and accomplishments, and support local small business in the area. The proceeds earned in this convention will go to the Wildlife Waystation, aiding a worthy cause to continue their noble efforts in maintaining the growth of wild animals in captivity.

donate-now-rectalgle-ABut in order for us to make this happen, we need your help. Please donate and share this with your friends and family, so that we may raise enough funds to keep the Wildlife Waystation alive! This is a collaboration for all of us, and we can’t do this alone. Make a difference, and show how much of a lion heart you are today. Donate Now!


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