Lamp Light Mondays

cyranoroxane1After the weekend shows and parties, it’s always nice to return home to a nice hot cup and relax. But after the weekend, comes Monday. And we all know how that goes. But not to worry, for those Theatre Buffs who live for the stage, we have a present just for you. Invite your friends and family for a little step back into history, as we introduce our newest program: Lamp Light Mondays!

In the tradition of Theatre, we leave a lamp on an untouched stage for the whole of Monday, welcoming Ghosts to perform their old shows — relieving our company’s Cast and Crew from any work, and take a break. To commemorate this tradition, we’re bringing the experience online.

Starting this Monday (Apr. 29),  Azure Lorica will be posting in Facebook and Twitter, and all of the many social networks that carry our Twitter feed, for everyone to remember why we fell in love with Theatre. We welcome friends and followers to join us on the first day of the weekdays: Monday — between breaks, lunch periods, after work, and even the late nighters to enjoy a piece of captured magic online. 

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