We Are Triskele Press

Tlogo5It is Azure Lorica’s pride to return back into the Journalism scene with its newest publishing service: Triskele Press!

BAzureLoricaLogoAfter many years of humble services to the community, as its online community news in the arts, we thought it was time to amp up our game, and give a little more than just a few blogs annually. From theatre to videogames, Azure-Lorica.COM provided a voice for the many companies and festivals, and artists, and educators, and so many many more to be heard by the new generation – to be recognized as professionals that may have never reached outside of their closed community, without the aid of blogs, much like us. By collaborating with other independent media groups, we’ve been able to spread our work farther and faster than we ever imagined. This took more work than we anticipated, but rather than falling behind on the demand, we’re ready to push for a stronger public service – something that would both help the internet community flourish, and connect both old and new generations with the beauty of Los Angeles.

276878_121954761160978_2568962_nUtilizing event calendars online, coordinating with a number of press groups – namely Project 760 and Raging Nerds – and protecting their rights between creative commons and contracted projects, we’re able to operate a web of smart and creative writers, photographers, and videographers, free from jargon of intellectual property theft, to do what they do best: give the community a voice! ragingnerdsFollowing Azure Lorica’s mission statement, Triskele Press shares the published works of independent journalists and bloggers online, publishes original reviews and interviews, and is now looking for new talents to represent and join our business in print auctions and documentaries.

We hope to build our services to someday publish Ebooks and printed hard covers, as a fully operating publishing house – returning the favor to our hard working associates, and give them the credit they deserve. Until then, though, we are here, providing the same free service, but now with more support, and even better services for the brilliant and creative artists – in  festivals, conventions, on stage, on camera, in Los Angeles – today.

TlogoFrom reviews, to documentaries, we give back what only a real community can provide – together, we reveal the beauty of a cultured community. We are Triskele Press – Your cultural community news.

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