Now wasn’t that fun?

Triskele Press has been up and running for only a short while, and we’ve managed to collect a great amount of content that speaks for our community in just this one week! Hobbyists, enthusiasts, artists, and celebrities are getting their fair share of exposure, and we aim to build up the line up by next week. This is only the beginning…

Getting organized, we’re scheduling the following per day each week:

  • Mondays: Industry – showcasing art, books, films, music, and live performances; reviewing what mainstream media has to offer.
  • Tuesdays: Making Of – DIY Cosplay and designing; sharing craftsmanship secrets with everyone.
  • Wednesday-Friday: Geek Life – from readers to gamers to cosplayers, faires and conventions, we celebrate the beauty of our subculture.
  • Saturday: The Fans – fans need to be heard, you blog and vlog, and we can’t ignore the people that keep our industries alive – food, media, all of it! We need your opinion.

Triskele Press was once titled Azure-Lorica.COM, and though what our original blog did was a service, we felt that it wasn’t up to par for the public to become truly involved. We wanted to give back to the community we served, and we needed a stronger media for the masses – one that worked around creative commons, and shared information, when so much was available online; to centralize the public’s voice in one directory, and give the respect that many bloggers, videographers, and artists deserved. Because whether you’re young or old, privileged or no, if you’re able to get online, there’s opportunity to be made, and we want to encourage that.

The triskele is a historical icon of progression and movement, and with the rise of mobile technology, we’re making it a point to “keep moving forward.” We hope to grow, as we continue this service. And by starting fresh with a new name, a new look, we can manage what CGP Grey (YouTube Vlogger) calls “a more organized community”, that many websites should really be doing with the immense information online already: Share!

Please help us improve and serve our community better by leaving comments below – not only will it aid our website to stay fresh in web presence, but it gives us better feedback than Google Analytics. Really, your comments matter. You are the community, and Triskele Press is your lime light. We’re happy to be of service.


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