What We’ve Become

For the past three years, Azure Lorica has changed from a humble small theatre company to a geek oriented community service. It’s been a great pleasure serving our audience, and we must admit, it is rather brilliant that so many performers have come out of the woodwork due to us changing our generic theme of fantasy to sheer “geek” within a year and a half from today. Triskele Press is one of many results of this decision of change and progression in theme.

For the past week, we’ve published posts by various vloggers, bloggers, and even professional journalists. We claim no rights to these works, yet we organize them in our website, as a service for the public. Because we’re not earning a dime off of these posts, we don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be sharing these videos and blog posts as often as we do – the fan art we use have watermarks, and the brands we do represent are in accord over our mission statement, and understand that this is a public service. In short, we’ve been advertising for free, just because…

Actually, I shouldn’t say that, because…there is a reason:

The Industry has been capitalizing on the “nerd” community (respectively, we understand that this implies both Geeks and Nerds, and sometimes Dorks and Hipsters); and as much as that is not a bad thing, the Industry can do better. These Hobbyists and Enthusiasts are an honest community. They enjoy imagination, and the art that comes with it. They appreciate what the Industry is doing, but are misunderstood in why or how.

Triskele Press is our solution to that. By collaborating with active press members in our community, sharing blog posts by individual bloggers/vloggers, we’re able to concentrate the real voice of this special interest in fictional entertainment in one site. By publishing what the industry has to say about the business behind the shows and games we love, we’re able to reciprocate with real feedback from real fans, and bring integrity and support to this thing we call entertainment. Because the God’s honest truth about the people behind the productions is that they only know a fraction of how their fans feel, and are trying to imitate our voice in order to speak to us. And as fans, we actually have the power to change the market on them by supporting or ignoring the production’s business – the only question is how do we decide? Our answer: speak your mind, and we’ll publish both you and them in the same channel – and be heard!

If you wish to become featured in our blog, just contact us. We don’t stop you from holding rights to your work, what we care about is providing more content for the fans to be heard. We sympathize with the Industry, but times are changing, and the community knows what it wants. Triskele Press will share your work on triskelepress.com, and share it through our social media. We ask our followers to share the love, and together your post will spread to the greater entertaient community of today’s generation.

It’s a service to the public, and Triskele Press is happy to provide it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime! Please, we love a good conversation. 🙂


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