The first time I ‘read’ The Great Gatsby was for my eleventh grade honors English class. My teacher didn’t really spend much time on it–I just recall a few class sessions where my friends and I laughed at the name “Dr. T.J. Eckleburg” and repeated the phrase “old sport” a lot.

Read more via Mook Review: “The Great Gatsby” Part One – Guest Post!.


One thought on “Mook Review: “The Great Gatsby” Part One – Guest Post!

  1. The movie was an AMAZING movie with a great soundtrack, storyline, and visuals and it’s true to the book but there are some iffy scenes. There are two sex scenes but nothing is shown that is over the top. There’s a scene in which many people get drunk and some have sex in an outrageous party scene but that is as worse as it gets. The entire movie is about couples having affairs, so their is many discussions about that. Also, there are some violent images such as people committing suicide. The party scenes are crazy and many people get drunk but its nothing a mature thirteen year old can’t handle, such as my-self. If you tween or teen is mature and has read the book, I think its fine, though many people have different views on this movie.

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