Before The New Year Comes

Last week was fun! We showcased reviews and interviews, and learned a few interesting tricks and debates in production. With the New Years only a few days away, we’re aiming to continue looking back in 2013’s press releases, and will be bringing our readers up-to-date in the connections between the Industry and the Fans who help continue entertainment media flourish.

Building up content in the new Triskele Press site, Azure Lorica is collecting bloggers and vloggers to set in our directory, whom are strong in their opinions and profession as Press, and appropriately connecting the community with all their favorite entertainment industries. These past two weeks have been exciting to grow with the “Geek” or “Con” audience, as more and more real questions are being placed on the table: from the harrassment of female nerds, to the internal politics of conventions. Gossip is nearly too easy to follow, but what we’re enchanted by in Triskele Press is resolutions, the act for resolve in this new generation’s community.

People that attend the festivals and conventions are modern patrons, though playful and competitive at times, these connoisseurs of entertainment are proving that not only do we have an audience still available for business, but also that this sub-culture is no longer just an idle hobby – it’s a career. From Cosplay to reviews, people are gaining reputations, income, and connections, like that as if working in the Industry itself. And what’s more interesting is that the Industry is peeking from the other side of the fence, to somehow join our party. The ordeal though is how to build that bridge? While the professionals are seen as gods, the community are seen as awesome vigilantes. Independent producers are making their mark, and the Industry is slowly subjecting themselves to the conditions of our community. We look forward to covering this by New Years, and are soon publishing a forum, to get everyone involved in the action. Until then, we would love to get more suggestions, and become more and more relevant to the current community, and help the Industry connect with their audience.


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