Azure Lorica 2013

Continuing into 2013, Azure Lorica’s affiliates flourished in media and hosting entertainment events. DBoy Productions’ Producer, Danny Gonzales, started Ninja-Con with us at Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA. Raging Nerds escalated in their productions, giving Azure-Lorica.COM a boost in press content. After a number of events, including the Skull Girls Fan Expo, Final Fantasy Prom, and the Tokari Maid Cafe, Azure Lorica separated three of our main services into the following brands:

  • Ninja-Con
    Our hosting service, mainly as our arts festival in Downtown LA, tours between Long Beach, Pasadena, and DTLA – providing Artists and Performers a venue to bring the arts to the community.
  • Triskele Press
    Elaborating our community news service, we rebranded Azure-Lorica.COM, to serve our new “geek” audience. We post videos and blog posts for reviews between the industry and the public.
  • Drift Plume
    Selling tickets and merchandise is a business all by itself. By creating a merchant service, we’re able to not only sell Azure Lorica’s products, but also invite others in the community to join in the opportunity.

2013 brought us a beautiful community that can gain more with our charity, connecting the new generation to culture and arts like never before. By serving our audience through this current “geek” media, we’ve scouted Patrons, Musicians, Artists, and Performers who never knew how to enter the industry without our help. It’s been our pleasure to aid our community in their endeavor to join us in the entertainment industry, as either a Talent or Patron through Azure Lorica’s cause.


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