New Publisher Connects New Community

Dear Viewers,

Our team would love to thank all of our subscribers and critics for supporting Triskele Press. We make sure that we cover relevant topics for the current geek community, allowing both veteran and those born yesterday to join us all in this beautiful culture of loyal patrons and story lovers.

We here in Triskele Press have been discussing new ideas to add to our program. Though we have been distinct in our geek communities, catering to mainly Otakus, Gamers, and Readers, we would like to broaden the spectrum to another type of community – a community that enjoy a dying art, a performing art, a physical art that hardly gains recognition because of the showmanship style it provides. It is entertainment, and surprisingly, it has collected the exact geek-like patrons as Dungeons and Dragons, Videogames, and Otakus alike. This spectrum is Martial Arts.

It is my pleasure to introduce our new publisher, NeverlandSuperman – Martial Artist, Dungeons and Dragon enthusiast, and a patron of the Renaissance Fairs. Covering the science of physical conflict, he will be introducing the world of martial arts and battle tactics in both physical practice and through gaming. The mentality isn’t as farfetched as it seems, and to deliver it in Triskele Press…will be a delight.

For those who enjoy Wrestling and MMA, feel free to check on our “Sports” tab on our main menu, and for you Role Players, please join us in “Gaming”. Triskele Press is expanding, and we want you to be right there with us, as we collect the community ‘s review, interviews, and opinion about the newest and relevant community news.

Thank you,



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