Raging Crow’s Sonic Boom Reaction


Sega has changed things up a bit for this new title but is it for the better or will it be worse than Lost World. Now the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has suffered quite a bit throughout the years since the fall of the SEGA Dreamcast. However, unlike most releases (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Lost World) this game has managed to peak my interest in ways that most games haven’t.

First off the other characters are back which I’m severely happy about. I’ve missed being able to play as Knuckles, Tails and Amy and the gameplay doesn’t look bad to boot. Everyone has speed and each character has a unique handling. I’m shocked that it’s taken this long to pull something like this off especially since we’ve had games in the past that have done similar things. Games like Donkey Kong 64 (Yes the game was bad but each character played differently and uniquely), Super Mario 64 DS and even the old school Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles which featured different play styles for different characters. Thank you for catching up guys the concept wasn’t old or impossible but regardless it’s about time.

Second off an environment that actually feels like Sonic to me and I know that’s vague but let me explain. Lost World felt like a Super Mario game and it wasn’t because of the Yoshi DLC, though that didn’t help. No it was the way the level was presented the world just had a very happy go lucky vibe to it that Mario is notorious for; unless you’re in Bowser’s castle. The environment has loads of winding hills that portray openness but also give me a bit of a rush. The landscape is littered with old scraps of metal which give it a mad max vibe which just screams epic and if there’s anything that Sonic should represent it’s epic.

Now the character designs have created quite a stink and while its true some are bad…ok Knuckles is bad but the others I can get behind. Knuckles has bulked up and while the bulk up itself doesn’t bother me because there’s more to a character than just physical appearance (i.e. personality traits). However,his appearance does leave me scratching my head. He’s really ripped but he has tiny legs and a head stapled on to me that doesn’t scream Knuckles that screams more Donkey Kong. It could use a bit of tweaking and honestly just slightly shrinking him down a touch and making his muscles proportional would be enough of a fix to make me satisfied. However, Sonic and the gang are fine to me. Tail’s looks like an inventor, carrying around gadgets and tools would suit him. He’s a genius so having his gadgets and toys on him just seems to make sense. Sonic has freakishly long legs just gut off a few inches and he’ll be fine. Amy’s design also sits pretty well with me. She looks a bit older and it’s also apparent that she can now hang with the big boys. Way to go Amy let’s see you strut your stuff.

Now the storyline still has to pass the test and I won’t fully know how that will go until the game has come out but I would say guys let’s get behind this. It’s being developed by a competent studio (i.e. Big Red Button Entertainment) and so far the changes actually look like they can be for the better. There are some tweaks needed here and there but all in all I’m willing to give this game a chance and I think you should to.

*Special thanks to Joseph Rojo for filming.


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