The Wishlist

Dear Subscribers,

Triskele Press is growing, and with it more opportunities for Artists to get noticed! To help spread the word out, we are adding a new feature to our blog, aiding independent artists through our subscribers. It’s nothing big, we’re not going to throw tasteless advertisements on our audience, but now with the free videos we post comes a wish list button on the bottom of the page.

The idea came across us when we began posting videos about martial arts – many of the films about that genre were by independent production groups. With only a niche audience, these production groups usually die within a two year span. To help these groups grow, we made it a point to partner up with amazon, and link a wishlist button on each post. The links are discreet enough to not bother your viewing pleasure, but apparent enough for those interested to support their work.

Now, with all sorts of independent artists in our upcoming schedule (including Musicians, Puppeteers, etc.), we’re bringing you, our beloved subscribers, a more interactive Triskele Press – from critiques to the wishlist, our community will be able to bring more than just views for these productions, we’re helping them continue their artform – our entertainment and community.

Wishlist feature will start on the second week of March. Until then, we’ve added a movie rental feature on our menu. We appreciate your subscriptions, and look forward to your thoughts and opinions on our regular posts!

Thank you,


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