Lamp Light Mondays

Triskele Press is enjoying these new videos that we’ve found and posted for our subscribers, and are excited to gain new subscribers these past few weeks. Thank you! We hope you all have been having as much fun as we have – our “wish list” posts have been growing, and we are bringing more to the table!

Next week, Triskele Press is publishing it’s own reviews. That’s right, an official Triskele Press review! Not to leave the members behind, not at all. In fact, this is to aid in bringing everyone more page views – to the vloggers, artists, and producers who’ve made their hobby their passion – we’re pumping our game to give you, our awesome subscribers, something to enjoy on your lovely Mondays; something meaty, something well worth to pause your game for.

We live in a social media world, and it would be disappointing to neglect our gift of multimedia. So, with the help of our affiliates, an array of media, and the class grandeur of a proper literature, it is my pleasure to introduce: Lamp Light Mondays – our new service to the community.

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