Fight Club Never Existed

“The first rule of Fight Club is there is no Fight Club.”

For many years, this movie has solidified what many boys have found the ultimatum of testosterone. From the violence to the nihilism, the action never ends. Much to my surprise, Fight Club, after over a decade from its release, is still quoted by both generation X and Y ’til today. Much like the Godfather and Good Fellas in the 90s, Fight Club returns as a mantra for every boy and man to connect the beauty of such an ugly mess!

Jack (Edward Norton), a lonesome consumer-addict, befriends Tyler Durden during a flight he fantasized to end in catastrophe. Tyler, sold soap, and it is only after Jack witnessed his home burnt to the ground that we soon learn of how the soap was made, and why…

For those who have yet seen this movie, nor have read the book, I will leave you with the peace of mind that there is no Fight Club. Hipsters must love the irony, as the plot thickens between relapses of Marla’s therapy meddling and Tyler’s secrets revealed.

Fight Club is a must see – a seemingly undying bible for all men – and a complete mind bending story, encapsulating all things prominent in the Nihilistic generation of 1999.

I salute to Chuck Palanuik’s masterpiece, and I urge all to watch and re-watch this dark fantasy that started all philosophical action movies about mayhem and silencing this demon we call society.


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