Booktubers, Booktubers Everywhere!!

Publishing book review videos on Triskele Press for the past few months, I began to wonder how many people actually do these vlogs, and more to the point: are they even vlogs? Bloggers usually are charming with a personal touch to their writing, Vloggers aren’t too far from the same line, but with how frequent these people take challenges in monthly reviews, I had to research YouTube for more info.

Surfing between discussion forums and comments, “Booktubers” came across my attention. It’s not a guild, it’s not a company, it’s what they refer to themselves. Reviewers that report their challenge and favorites in their monthly list. There are at least 50 booktubers easily found on YouTube, from USA, UK, Canada, and non-English countries around the world! Congregating between videos, Booktubers have a great support community, building each reviewer in their fascination for books and their adaptations online, the big screen, and even old productions in radio and television.

New comers in the book tuber community have beautiful and easy connections to make on YouTube. If any writers are ready to self publish, you’ll be sure that someone will definitely give you a proper review. For those looking to become a book tuber, tutorials are everywhere – from blogs, YouTube, and Goodreads. The opportunity is so inviting, there would be no reason to decline to become a Booktuber. From professional cameras to phone cams, the resources are incredible, and nondiscriminant. Start today!


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