The Akira Project

Four years ago, the Hollywood production of Akira, notably by Warner Bros. and their collaborators, announced that the project was dead. Rumors still crept among the fans that said otherwise, in the months after. Blogs would blog, forums would tease, and high quality material, such as character designs and story board sketches and 3D cityscape renderings leaked every once and a while. Some say it was from a South American production team, others say it was from a friend. But even after years of rumors, the fans never gave up the dream of a someday real live action Akira movie.

On May 8, 2014, Cinegrounds, a Canadian Film Production Company, published a full length trailer on YouTube. Showcasing, what was almost expected as a typical fan trailer, filled with PhotoShopped renderings and well cut music and dialogue from other movies in a two minute fan-serve. The scene begins with a beautifully effect within a generic pupil, time is mentioned, and soon you’re thrown into a whirlwind of Asians, and Asians cosplaying as Akira characters, then the motorcycles come, then the guns, then ultimately Akira himself! One would want to dismiss the rumor to be true if it weren’t for the information of the two year campaign completed through crowd funding, and sponsors rebelling against Hollywood’s broken promise compensated by Montreal’s Cineground – AKIRA PROJECT!

The movie is real. The rumors have ended, and needless to say, the fans are mind-blowned! So throw your old notions of Keanu Reeves wearing the booster jacket, don’t even question how inaccurate the film is going to be to the original – your wish has been granted, dear fans! Kaneda, the cyberpunk world, Psychics, Radicals, Secret Government agencies – ALL OF IT is right here in the Akira Project.


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