Support The Artists Of Ninja-Con!

Within two weeks, on June 7th, Ninja-Con 2014 premieres! The second year of the independent anime convention, held in the Little Tokyo Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, California, will be showcasing a large range of celebrities – from videogames to anime, martial arts to cosplay – fans are lining up to support not only their favorite names in the industry, but, indirectly, are supporting the arts.

For many of these fans, they feel that the Actors and Artists in their favorite animes and movies are already doing their craft. But what some might not realize that the industry allows you to just sell brands on expensive commercials. When selling toys, books, Blu-rays, and tickets, companies like Disney and Universal will place these Artists in movies, tv shows, commercials, games, and online to sell what the studios bought for a few thousand dollars of copyrights, to bank on profiting and reinventing the facade to continue the hype. For some, its fun, for many, it just pays the bills. Neither get enough rest to keep up with the demand. It’s like being a flashy salesman, with no healthcare or overtime pay.

The only time these Artists ever feel appreciated is when there are award ceremonies for their achievements. Or, if you’re walking in with your production team, a convention. One doesn’t realize the power of a festival, until one speaks to celebrities reaching their thirties. It makes a difference: the fans and the Actors/Artists connect, people get into conversations, and suddenly the praise for their work is raised! Recognition and appreciation boost morale, and support gives pride to the production company that worked so hard to bring the fans their Brands. It helps the community grow, and the conventions return for another year of fandom festivities.

The beauty of our generation, is that thanks to affordable technology and social media, anyone can go indie in a second. When Actors and Artists get tired of working for the Man, they go rogue, and take their skill back into the Arts – Stuntmen make their own indie films, Designers self-publish their sketches, and Writers vlog their heart away! And this is where Ninja-Con comes in to play… Ninja-Con is a festival for independent artists. These Artists work their magic within the Japanese anime theme, from fanart to fanfilms, Cosplayers, Actors, and Designers are able to showcase their art freely as a form of expression and craft. With this year’s Ninja-Con, there are more Artists and Martial Artists exhibiting their work. The events are jam packed with Panels and live entertainment, and what’s more interesting is that these celebrities are looking forward to chill with their fans!

Come check out Ninja-Con on June 7th!


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