Fake Geek Girls, George Takei, And Sexists – Eau Myyy!

For eight straight months, this one screenshot of an unknown, yet talented, Cosplayer ridiculed in a Meme for being unoriginal, placed next to a forum reply, has been circulating all over Facebook nonstop. The reply was by a disgruntled peer, mentioning the comic book character referenced by name and image – resolving that the Meme creator was ignorant for judging so quickly over what the “geek” convention community has labeled “Fake Geek Girls”. A social issue that has yet to subside.

This screenshot has been popular online, and circulating from one account in Facebook – the infamous, George Takei. As a giant celebrity online, this Actor has taken the science of online marketing to a whole new level, entertaining the online community with funny gay references, simply with the expression “Eau myyy!” Thriving on the internet, he feeds his fans geek related material, and sometimes takes sides by mentioning who got “Owned.”

Reading the image’s content, one might dismiss this as nothing more than the usual snarky comments of an internet Troll, but after a few years of sexual harrassment on Cosplayers, sexist defamation among friends, this habit of chauvinism among “geeks” have reached a nationwide state of concern all over America. From comic books to videogames, boys have been bullying girls from their social integrity not only online, but during meetings – calling them out as social divas, pretending that their knowledge was found in Wikipedia or some half baked gossip from a fan spoiling trailers.

The problem has spread so far that even mainstream media has taken stabs at it. From advocating for traditional geek stereotypes to the rebuttal of real geek girls, the topic has been so popular that people have referenced the dating scene as its source. Bringing up bad experiences with girls expressing they’re geeky persona in a way makes geek men frustrated, as their pride of mastering their trivia is supposedly insulted by these girls’ pretentious interactivity.

The issue has yet to have been discussed publicly, but online users have shown support for those hurt by the discrimination. Its heartwarming, and a little cute, but the message is real. Geek girls are being attacked by sexist men. And it hasn’t stopped.


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