Tonight, Azure Lorica moves into Little Tokyo, to setup this year’s convention event: Ninja-Con!!!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been counting down the days for this year’s premiere of Ninja-Con. It has been different without the usual geek variety posts, but fear not, we will return to our regular program soon enough. Because the countdown has finished!

Earlier than expected, Ninja-Con is hosting a Day 0 for everyone who wishes to pick up their badges early. For the volunteers, the setup will be fun – people will be bumping and slipping between performers and staffers, crunching time to finish the job early – as many of the Guests of Honor get settled in their Hotel Rooms, and dine out in our local anime buffer: Little Tokyo. All for the sake of a good clean meet and greet among fellow geeks, nerds, and otakus.

For those over 21, Ninja-Con unofficially invites anyone to join them during afterhours at ’82 Bar Arcade, where there will be drinks and arcade games from, you guessed it, 1982! From Pinball games to the original Gauntlet Legends, this place will make any Wreck-It-Ralph fanboy squee for Hadoukens.

So if you’re around to pick up your badge, volunteering during setup, or just arrived in LA, join Ninja-Con for Day 0. Visit for more details:

Too young to remember 1982? Waste your next 18 minutes watching Street Fighter 2 NOW!


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